The management Team

Emmanuel Rousseau - CEO

Graduate from ISTEC and Toulouse Business School, Emmanuel started his career in 1992 at ECS as Sales & Funding Engineer for banks & insurances. In 1998, he takes the lead of Toulouse agency. In 2003, he creates his own company. After the signature of a 100 Million euros contract with Airbus, he sells his company to Econocom in 2015. From this background, chance meetings and discussions with two former customers, the idea to create Leasetic was born. Two years of reseach and development have been necessary to launch "MyContractReport".

My motivation is to try, test and create. My greateer satisfaction is to ear my customers telling what are their needs and materialize them.
The team around me is made of passionate people, all experts in their field and who's motivation is to succeed the impossible.

"It is a nonsense to hire intelligent people and then to tell them what to do. We hire intelligent people for them to tell us what to do. (Steve Jobs)"

Each day, I try to suround myself with the most intelligent and creative people.

Delphine Specht - Head of Sales

Graduated from IBM Sales School, Delphine starts her career in 1991 with software editors, then in ECS, BULL and CAP GEMINI where she will lead projects for Orange, EDF, the CNES, ...
In 2006, she creates her company to support the sales development of her customers. She works as a consultant for Econocom during 8 years where she support the closure of contracts with Thales, Airbus, Eurocopter, Latécoère…
From 2014 to 2016, she complete a real estate promotion project, the launch of a music album and participate to the launch of a top gastronomic restaurant of Jeremy Morin, "L'Aparté".
In 2017, she joins Leasetic to take the lead of sales development for Key Accounts and the creation of sales agents.

Eric Bernines - COO

Graduated in Management & Finance, Eric starts his career as a Sage Expert Consultant, and then as Head of IT.
In 1998, he becomes Associat at Sfaire Concepts, as IT Expert Consultant, and leads the implementation of monitoring tools and its management by integrators.
In 2010, he joins AKKA Group, as IT Manager. Eric will define the Infocentre, enabling deeper analysis, flow analysis, and implement the complete reporting for Operational Directions, with Business Intelligence Tools.
In 2017, a common customer introduce Eric to Delphine and Emmanuel, that is where Leasetic adventure begins.

The consultants team

  • Decisional IT Consultants
  • Data Analyst Consultants
  • Web Design Consultants
  • Fonctional Consultants