Born from 25 yeas of backgroung in the leasing and IT assets management market with key accounts, mid-size and small companies, Leasetic is the fruit of skills acquired next to Airbus, Thalès, Safran, Latécoère, Altran, Alten, Sogeti...

During 10 last years, we have managed international projects for an amount of more than 250 million euros.

Today, Leasetic has the ambition to bring to their customers a new approach for funding industrial or IT projects, bringing the best methods and tools to obtain high performance contracts.

Our job is to :

  • Maintain the service level at the specified conditions in the contracts,
  • Provide the predictability of events and their financial implications.
  • Produce fully transparents, performant and monitored contracts.

Our target is to :

  • Share information, sread it and explain it
  • Improve energetic impact of leased assets
  • Include the adapted companies into our processes.

We can count on our customers, major references, who have trusted us since the launch of Leasetic, and that share our objectives.

With the whole Leasetic team, I am glad to share, with you, that great adventure.